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The Florida Standard spoke with controversial Florida State Representative and congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini.

Former President Trump’s estate was raided by federal agents on Monday. What’s your take on what’s happening?

“It’s obvious – they’re trying to normalize going after their political opponents. They want to arrest Trump for something. They’re just testing the waters – they have a plan to arrest Donald Trump. I have no doubt that they’re going to try to arrest him in the next few months. They’re trying to take him out.”

Who’s behind this? Who’s pulling the strings?

It’s a bunch of thugs – it’s Biden, it’s Merrick Garland, it’s Christopher Wray, a lot of folks on the Left. It starts at the top.”

You’ve been outspoken against the FBI and its activities. What needs to change?

“It needs to be gutted like a fish. We need to whittle it down by 95 percent, perhaps 100 percent. We should totally defund almost everything they do, rewrite their statute. If not – get rid of them. Then do hearings. First defund them, then do hearings. You don’t do the hearings first, like Kevin McCarthy wants. You defund it, then do the hearings. Let the states take back the power to police themselves. Come together in state-to-state compacts to stop interstate crime, but the FBI doesn’t need to be there.”

How did it get to this point?

“By weak, push-over Republicans. At least 60 percent of Republicans are awful. We need to vote them out. They’re driven by status, getting the approval of elites. It’s the revolving door. They want to be lobbyists, agency heads, they want some kind of promotion.”

What do you think needs to happen in Florida? You’ve stated that you’d like to see legislative changes.

“There are two things that need to be done. First of all, we need to call a special session and pass two laws severing all ties with federal agencies. We need to pass a statute that says that none of our local or state law enforcement will communicate with the federal government, assist them, be on task forces with them, give them access to jails… This is obvious and it’s perfectly legal under the 10th amendment and needs to happen immediately. The Left has created sanctuary cities, they basically stopped talking to ICE, stopped talking to DHS, stopped talking to Border Patrol. They just would go silent on federal agencies that they don’t believe in, sort of like an indirect nullification. The second thing that needs to be done, which is much more serious but needs to happen, is to pass a law that no federal law enforcement operations shall ever take place in the state of Florida without express state permission. If they’re going to do warrants and what not, they have to get permission from the executive branch, legislative branch before they commence.”

You’re running for Congress, how’s it going?

“Good. Right now, there’s a lot of dark money coming in against me. A lot of scumbag RINOs and swamp creatures in D.C. are spending hundreds of thousands trying to take me out. All the other Republicans are basically goofballs and spineless – they will do what they’re told to when they get to Washington, D.C.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges right now?

Illegal immigration and legal immigration. We need an immigration moratorium. The country is bursting at the seams with a wide-open border. It’s time to stop all immigration to the United States until we clean up our immigration laws and build the wall.

You’re former military, what’s your take on what’s going on in our armed forces right now?

“The military is being purged of all conservatives and is basically being turned into a ‘woke’ military, using political indoctrination.”

Do you think this military will ever be used against our own people, on our own soil?

“We’re heading in that direction.”