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Sarasota Memorial Hospital Pushing Radical LGBTQ+ Employee Training

The hospital where a doctor wanted unvaccinated employees in “the firing line” is back with more radical Leftist and gender-ideological initiatives.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — In March, The Florida Standard revealed how doctors at Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) were harassing and threatening unvaccinated colleagues.

Now, the hospital is back in the limelight with more radical and ideological initiatives.

The Floridian reports that SMH has been pushing a training program to all employees that claims people can be a different “gender” than the one they are “assigned at birth.”

“The training starts with a section called ‘LGBTQ+ Terminology’ which includes the traditional terms ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’ but also the terms ‘Cisgender’ and ‘Asexual’. Cisgender is a term often used to degrade straight people and paint them as an oppressive class,” Chris Nelson of The Floridian writes.

Image courtesy of Floridian Press.

According to the training program, employees have some sort of responsibility to “show respect” by calling people by their chosen pronouns and apologize to them if they don’t comply with these rules.

Image courtesy of Floridian Press.

With the same neo-Marxist terminology used by the Black Lives Matter movement, people can also be an “ally” to the LGBTQ movement by uncritically becoming convinced of the scientific validity of gender ideology.

Image courtesy of Floridian Press.

Governor Ron DeSantis has famously said that Florida is “where woke comes to die” – but it seems clear that this message has yet to reach many of the largest employers and institutions in the state.

Last week, The Florida Standard reported on how lab testing at UF Health is erasing differences between male and female reference ranges – a practice that doctors and whistleblowers say will lead to people dying.

Watch journalist Jennifer Bilek’s investigation into who’s behind the transgender agenda below:

Laurie Bennett, Vice President of Human Resources for Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, provided the following statement:

“Sarasota Memorial distributes a series of videos to our staff throughout the year, including one on LGBTQ awareness. They are neither mandatory nor part of our competency training requirements. They are one of many resources we share to help staff stay up-to-date on cultural and diversity issues that may surface in the workplace as we strive to provide high-quality care to our patients.”