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Senator Warns Socialists About Coming to Florida and more! - TFS Newsletter 6/30/23

This week, U.S. Senator Rick Scott warns socialists against coming to Florida. “Some people in our state lived under it. We know people who lived under socialism. It’s not good. It’s not good for anybody,” the U.S. senator said in the viral video.

Also, another Clinton-appointed judge rules against new Florida law protecting children. Two Leftist judges are doing their best to squash conservative policies in Florida. The latest ruling claims it is unconstitutional to shield children from sexualized performances.

And in national news, a new study showed that mask wearing causes “cardiopulmonary overload.” The authors of the study state that the habitual wearing of an N95 mask contributes to severe health outcomes, including cardiovascular diseases and increased mortality.

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Will Witt
Editor in Chief

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