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Send Washington a Message on November 8: Get Our Country Back on Track!

Regular Americans will be the big losers if the Democrats win in the midterms, writes Dan Franzese, who’s running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd district.

Every election is important, but the 2022 mid-terms will be a turning point for the United States. During the past two years, we have seen a relentless assault on fundamental American principles. American prosperity, individual freedoms, and the rule of law are all at risk on November 8th. If you worry, as I do, that our elected officials currently in Washington, D.C. have lead America in the wrong direction, then you must send them a message by voting for a change in leadership.

I’m running for the U.S. House of Representatives because I want to solve the problems facing our nation. Sadly, I see no indication that my opponent, 10-year incumbent and career politician, Lois Frankel, feels the same way.


Of all the avoidable problems that have resulted from Washington’s disastrous decision-making, economic blunders are the ones most often cited by the thousands of voters I’ve spoken with during my campaign. Americans are hurting.

Inflation rates are the worst the nation has seen in 40 years, gas prices are sky-high as a result of giving up America’s energy independence (expect them to go higher after the election!), and the national debt has surged to a record $31 trillion. We are spending our country into bankruptcy. The response? A ridiculous assertion that inflation is “transitory;” a naïve claim that budget deficits no longer matter; an attempt to redefine the word “recession;” and more reckless government spending.


While ordinary Americans are suffering from high prices at the gas pump and the grocery store, those in power are laughing all the way to the bank. For example, both Lois Frankel and Nancy Pelosi have benefited from stock trades in industries related to their House Committee positions, and they refused to pass a bill prohibiting such activities. It’s clear that they care about their own prosperity--and no one else’s.

The voters I meet with are increasingly concerned about personal safety. They see how the defund-the-police movement resulted in the appalling rise in crime in cities across the nation. The policy of open borders is devasting our communities and overwhelming our border patrol. The steady flow of illegal drugs, especially fentanyl, over the southern border has created an epidemic in our country resulting in a mind-boggling 300 overdose deaths each day. Our people are dying and Washington doesn’t care!  

Instead of devoting taxpayer money to solving these problems, Congress chose to hire 87,000 IRS agents and arm them to the teeth. Those guns could be pointed at us, and not at the criminals and drug dealers who have ravaged our country. This agency will more than double in size, while there has been no increase in the number of police officers or border patrol agents to fix the issues that are impacting our country.


With American prosperity and safety at risk, the stakes couldn’t be higher this November. As the elections approach, those in power will be creating distractions away from the real issues which include higher food prices, out of control inflation, crime, and rising interest rates. These will all be tricks to get you to focus on things that do not affect your standard of living, the economy or your safety.

Pelosi and her gang of career politicians who have thrived while you have suffered must go!  

If you believe our country is headed in the wrong direction, send Washington a Message: Get our country back on track!  Vote them out!    

If they win, you lose!

Dan Franzese is running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd district against Lois Frankel. Dan came from humble beginnings and went on to obtain his master’s degree from Wharton. Dan has become a successful businessman and is running for Congress because he believes the country and its current leadership is headed in the wrong direction. He resides in Palm Beach with his wife of 36 years.