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Shirtless Lady Lifeguard Flashes Breasts in Front of Kids at Public Swimming Pool in Florida

The woman identifies as a man and took her shirt off in front of more than 40 children in Jacksonville. The city passed legal protections in 2020 for residents based on “gender identity.”

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A woman flashed her bare breasts in front of dozens of children at a public swimming pool in Jacksonville last week during a lifeguard tryout. The woman identifies as a man.

The incident took place on April 27 at Cecil Pool during a try-out for a lifeguard position with the city. The woman was applying for a position and was ultimately denied the position, according to Action News Jax.

“While we cannot confirm the age of the individuals participating in the training, JaxParks recruits lifeguards starting at age 15,” a statement from the city noted. “This occurred within view of several dozen children and their parents sharing the same pool at the same time.”

Florida’s Voice first reported the news.


Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry released a statement addressing the incident.

“I believe it is wrong for our public pools to be a place where Jacksonville families are forced to explain to their children why a person hired to protect public safety is exposing her breasts,” Curry said. “Our parks and public pools are meant to be a place where families can feel safe to enjoy themselves. We shouldn’t force parents of young children to be caught in the crossfire of battles over wokeism.”

Curry’s comments contrast his past actions on the issue of gender confusion. In 2020, the Republican mayor signed what has been dubbed by local conservatives as the “bathroom bill,” codifying legal protection for men and women confused about their gender as well as homosexual men and women.

The ordinance states that business owners who refuse service to anyone in Jacksonville on the basis of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” could face $500 fines for each individual complaint.

The city has also funneled taxpayer dollars toward the local LGBTQ youth center JASMYN, which The Florida Standard reported was using a card game with drawings of male genitalia to promote an event for teens as young as 13.