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Sick From the Jab, A Young Actress Chose To End Her Own Life

Kat Pave documented the progress of her disorders caused by the jab on Instagram. Finally, she was unable to go on living.

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LOS ANGELES – A young woman in her best years, actress Kat Pave, followed the norms in society as they’ve been propagandized to the people: she took her COVID-19 vaccine and the required booster.

Kat was an actress, so she also had to follow the vaccine requirements stipulated by the entertainment industry and unions if she wanted to be able to work. But then Kat became very sick. So sick that last week, she chose to end her life at a Swiss clinic specialized in assisted suicide.

From her hospital bed in Switzerland, Kat Pave finally wrote:

“Hi guys, over last 10 days I became severely ill again homebound unable to do much. My body is too weak to fight this illness so I made a decision to end my life at Pegasos association in Switzerland. I was diagnosed with untreatable chronic neurological illness ME/CFS caused by booster jab on top of having suspected respiratory ALS.”

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Several friends pleaded with Kat not to go through with ending her life. “We won’t ever stop fighting for you,” singer Jimmy Levy wrote to her.

Another friend, Joshua Paul, wrote: “This all makes me so sick. You were always so kind. I hate how you were forced to jab to work, shame on you @sagaftra” – tagging the screen actors’ union.

But Kat still went through with the procedure at the clinic, Pegasos Swiss Association in Basel. According to their website, “Under Swiss law, assisted dying is lawful if the person who wants assistance to die possesses decision-making capacity and has ‘control’ over his/her death and the motives of those assisting are not selfish.”

This past weekend, Kat’s friends – many of them in entertainment – held a picnic and a last farewell for their actress friend on a beach in Malibu.

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