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Slavery, Socialists and Subversion – The History of the Democratic Party

In their quest for absolute power, the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy freedom, writes Edward Haugland, who served in senior positions with the DOD, ODNI and CIA for nearly four decades.

The ongoing domestic cognitive war is a true threat to our freedoms, as the enemies of America accelerate their nefarious plans. It is becoming increasingly clear – even to those who have kept their heads in the sand – that the ruling Democratic Party always has been and currently remains the party of slavery, socialism and subjugation.

When scraping the surface, it’s evident that these three concepts form the core of its history. These dystopian, sick and demonic radical progressive Democrats use their false narratives to manipulate vast swaths of the Americans into “us” and “them,” “black” and “white” – “oppressors” and “victims.”

But why divide America, for what purpose, and to what end? In simple terms, the radical Left seeks to ignite division, hate and race wars to advance the chaos, anarchy, and terror necessary to complete their subversion of our institutions, civic norms, traditional American care for our neighbors and our democracy, republic, and freedoms – in order to obtain absolute power.

We must take a strategic perspective here. We must inform and arm ourselves with the facts, to not only counter the Democrats’ lies and false narratives, but also push back on them to explain why they are so persistently the party that favors slavery, socialism, and subjugation over America’s freedoms.


We must look at the history of slavery to understand reality versus lies and the false narratives of the charlatan Democrats who use race as a bludgeon on their political opponents. Slavery did not originate in the United States. It originated in Babylon in the Middle East and Egypt in Africa, where blacks enslaved blacks.

We then see the slave trade expanded greatly from inside Africa, to selling their own people to Portugal, which expanded slavery to Europe and the new colonies (future United States). In simple terms, slavery began with blacks enslaving blacks. It is a truly inconvenient truth.

But you don’t have to take it from me: According to Sandra E. Greene, who happens to be a black historian, here quoted in an article written by Jackie Swift of Cornell University, slavery dates back to ancient 18th century BC Babylon, 10th century BC Egypt and 7th century BC Greece.

“When we think of slavery, most of us think of the racially based slavery that existed in the United States and ultimately sparked a civil war. Very few Americans know that slavery was common throughout the world as well as in Africa,” Greene states, adding: “Slavery in the United States ended in 1865, but in West Africa it was not legally ended until 1875, and then it stretched on unofficially until almost World War I.”

While 11 to 12 million people are estimated to have been exported as slaves from West Africa during the years of the slave trade, millions more were retained in Africa. “It’s not something that many West African countries talk about,” says Greene. “It’s not exactly a proud moment because everyone now realizes that slavery is not acceptable.”

But we see the pandering carpet baggers like former president Obama slam real black Americans like Senator Tim Scott for a false narrative that racism causes poverty. Obama pushes this old worn and torn false narrative like every other democrat – it’s time to call the lie a lie! The facts tell us something completely different. Obama knows it. All one has to do is to look at the census bureau numbers and the statistics from 1959 vs. 2021 – blacks vs. whites and poverty.

White population alone: In 1959 those below the poverty line was 18 percent, and in 2021, 10 percent. The number below the poverty line decreased, but is not too different, between 1959, 28 million and 2021, 25 million (rounded).

Black population alone:  In 1959, below the poverty line 55 percent, and in 2021, 19.5 percent (but the black population grew about three times to 26 million in this time). Note that the total number below the poverty line decreased but is not too different from 10 million in 1959, and 8.5 (rounded) million in 2021.

The numbers tell us a few interesting facts.

First, the total number of whites in poverty is three times that of the total number of blacks living in poverty.

Second, the total number of blacks in poverty has remained pretty much the same since 1959 – despite a three-fold increase in population. We have not seen a comparable three-fold increase in poverty numbers.

Third, the total number of whites in poverty has also remained the same since 1959, despite a nearly two-fold increase in population

The difference is that we see the crime and incarceration rates have increased exponentially among black youth, along with the destruction of the black family (and family in general) – all a direct result of Democrat policies. Rather than addressing poverty as a societal issue – given there are three times the number of whites in poverty – democrats would rather use race as a weapon of war. It’s all about power and control.


Why is it when we look at history, we continually find Democrats going towards the utopian flames of fascism, communism, socialism, and so on? Remember, the Nazi Party was officially called the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Its precursor was the German Workers' Party. From the 1918’s with communism, to the 1930’s with fascism/Nazism, to the1960’s with the socialist “free love society” and the anti-war movement driven by our Soviet adversaries, to the 1980’s with the abysmal failure of Jimmy Carter as liberals protested the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to counter Soviet expansion.

All of these efforts – to include the opposition to nuclear missile defense (by Democrats during the Reagan administration) were supported, led, funded, and advanced by Democrats. Socialism – utopian dreams – exemplify the term Lenin used for such people: “Useful Idiots.”


Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this one. I won’t reiterate the multiple perjuries, felonies, fraudulent actions or lies that the Democrats used as the Durham investigation progressed. I’ll only touch on the ongoing open borders efforts that subvert our overall democracy, economic security and national security as we see a new legion of seven to eight million illegals being allowed into America without any vetting.

I’ll also not regurgitate the wholesale weaponization of our national security elements against the American people, as parents now know that they – not ISIS members, for example – are labeled terrorists.

Slavery, socialism, and subversion are the means, methods, and history of the Democratic Party. Yet too many Americans do not know this. Perhaps this article will help to educate them as to whom the real racists, domestic terrorists, and threats are to this nation and our freedom.

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