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Smoke from Canada Wildfires Has Reached Florida, Creating Unhealthy Air Quality

The air in parts of North Florida reached unhealthy levels on Tuesday. The smoke is expected to continue moving south on Wednesday.

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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — Floridians are feeling the burn this week, but not just because of the sunshine and summer heat.

Smoke from the wildfires in Canada reached North Florida on Tuesday – lowering the air quality as a result.

The sky was noticeably hazy in Jacksonville and Tallahassee and the Air Quality Index for both cities surpassed 120 – a level considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

AccuWeather’s Air Quality Index advisory states: “Healthy individuals may experience difficulty breaking and throat irritation with prolonged exposure. Limit outdoor activity.”

The smoke is expected to hit Central Florida on Wednesday, according to WFTV.

Over the past six weeks, approximately 900 wildfires have torched through over 25 million acres of Canada’s Northern Territory. The fires are expected to impact an estimated 70 million Americans.