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Steve Deace on Trump Indictment: “This is a very real political assassination attempt”

Trump “could not even apply to the Georgia parole board until he was five years clear of all the other charges facing him as well,” Deace said. “He could legit die in there.”

DES MOINES, IOWA — Conservative political commentator and podcast host at The Blaze, Steve Deace, offered his analysis of the recent fourth indictment of former President Donald Trump in Georgia.

Deace wanted to ensure that his analysis was not just simply “owning the libs,” to get clicks on social media.

“This is a very real political assassination attempt,” Deace said. “Biden won nearly 75% of the vote in Fulton County, GA last time. From there will come the jury people that will put Trump and the others on trial. These Democrat activists will put Trump on trial for the rest of his natural life, in a state where neither a president nor the current GOP governor are able to pardon him.”

Deace continued by saying that Georgia’s current processes for pardoning put Trump in a difficult spot.

“Only the bureaucrats can pardon in Georgia, but to even apply you have to be five years removed from your conviction and clear of all other criminal allegations,” Deace said. “Which means Trump could not even apply to the Georgia parole board until he was five years clear of all the other charges facing him as well. That would put Trump at least 83 years-old, well past the current average lifespan of an American male (79). He could legit die in there. Trump won’t tell us this, even though I’m sure he’s well aware, because to do so would sully all the branding that he’s invulnerable.”

Deace finalized his comments by noting the severity with which the leftist “forces” will punish political enemies.

“Thus, Trump will now go on trial in Stacey Abrams’ home state for not being nearly as successful an “election denier” as she is. She was richly rewarded for doing exactly what Trump was accused of, and by the very same people,” Deace said. “The same forces that told you cloth masks stop airborne contagions, your family business was non-essential, genetic serums are vaccines, men have a uterus, and Ukraine matters more than you, will now tell you urging people to watch OANN is a RICO violation.”