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“Stop Politicizing Natural Disasters” – DeSantis Balks at Biden’s Climate Change Comments

“The notion that we just adopt very Left-wing policies at the federal level, that somehow we will not have hurricanes – that is a lie,” the governor said.

YANKEETOWN, FLORIDA — Governor Ron DeSantis dismissed the Left-wing notion that climate change has ramped up the frequency and intensity of hurricane formation in the Atlantic Ocean.

At a press conference on Sunday, the governor was asked his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s claims that climate change is to blame for a purported increase in natural disasters in the U.S. and other countries.

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crises – at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore. Just look around, around the nation and the world for that matter,” Biden said on Saturday in Live Oak. “Historic floods, intense droughts, extreme heat, deadly wildfires that have caused serious damage that we’ve never seen before.”

“The notion that somehow hurricanes are something new, that’s just false,” DeSantis told reporters on Sunday. “We’ve got to stop politicizing the weather and politicizing natural disasters.”

The governor pointed to historical examples of strong hurricanes and seasons of increased frequency that cut against the establishment climate change narratives.

“The most powerful storm hurricane we’ve ever had is actually [the] Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. It had 185 miles an hour sustained winds,” he said. “We know from history, there have been times where it’s been very busy in Florida. Late 40s, early 50s, you had a lot of hits of significant hurricanes. So I think sometimes, people need to take a breath and get a little bit of perspective here.”

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DeSantis proceeded to tee off on Democrat-led policy proposals aimed at reducing the purported effects of man-made climate change.

“The notion that if we somehow just adopt very Left-wing policies at the federal level, that somehow we will not have hurricanes, that is a lie,” he said. “That [narrative] is people trying to take what’s happened with different types of storms, and use that as a pretext to advance their agenda on the backs of people that are suffering. That’s wrong, and we’re not going to do that in the state of Florida.”


Historical data indicate that DeSantis is right to push back on Biden’s comments. Since 1851, the number of hurricanes that made landfall in Florida has actually decreased and there has been no increase in major storms.

The president’s rhetoric is driven by a more sinister motive, according to Climate Depot founder Marc Morano.

Morano – who has made it his life’s work to debunk phony narratives around the climate change agenda – claims that the “whole purpose of the climate change scam” is to help usher in authoritarian control of the global population.

“The COVID psyop is ending, and the climate psyop is now in full swing,” Morano told The Florida Standard. “We already see how they are merging climate change with public health. There are calls for Biden to declare a climate emergency.

“Just like with 9/11 and COVID, an emergency declaration will grant the president new powers to place restrictions on everything from household appliances, gas-powered cars, travel and freedom of movement – you name it.”

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Those who try to expose the fraudulent narrative are often silenced and smeared.

Organizations like Climate of Denial and DeSmog – the latter boasts of being “the world’s number one source for accurate, fact-based information regarding global warming misinformation campaigns” – create blacklist-style profiles on any scientist willing to point out inconsistencies in the mainstream narrative.

In September 2022, UN Secretary for Global Communications Melissa Fleming admitted that the United Nations “owns the science on climate change.” She went on to boast about how the UN works with Google to suppress any climate-related information that does not align with its approved narrative.

The Weather Channel co-founder Joe D'Aleo says these tactics have done more than just hide truth from the public – they’ve kept other skeptics from speaking out.

“There’s a lot of people that were silenced,” D’Aleo told The Florida Standard. “Some people were fired from network and local [stations] because of their position. It’s sad, these people were good scientists. They’re afraid to speak out.”