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Street Racing in Broward? Straight to Jail, Sheriff Says

Sheriff Gregory Tony warned Thursday that drivers who break the law will lose their vehicles and go to jail.

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — Yesterday, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony announced the arrest of three men involved in intersection takeovers and illegal street racing in South Florida.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler Barber, 19, Brandon McLean, 22 and Mark Quallo, 40, endangered the public and broke the law in what deputies say is an increasing trend.

“We are going to take your vehicles, and we are going to take you to jail,” Sheriff Tony warned aspiring racers at the press conference. “That’s the end result. There will be no ticket citations where you are walking away.”



Detectives said they received intel that drivers would be meeting in Tamarac. So they followed them from the meeting point to another location in Fort Lauderdale. Deputies caught dozens of drivers on video performing reckless maneuvers.

Sheriff Tony said the activity was more than just “sport or fun” and is illegal in Florida. Tony noted that the dangerous stunts like doughnuts and burnouts could have caused severe harm to children or pedestrians during the incident.


“These cars were driving in excess of 100 mph, they’re doing drifting, all types of different tactics – wheelies on motorcycles. We will not tolerate it,” said Sheriff Tony.

As the cars moved into the roadway, deputies witnessed young children exiting a movie theater as they stopped the activities. Barber, McLean and Quallor were arrested, and eight others received non-criminal traffic citations. In addition, deputies seized six vehicles and two firearms, including an AK-47 with extended magazines.

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