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Super PAC Backing DeSantis Launches National Parental Rights Coalition

The grassroots initiative, launched by super PAC Never Back Down, aims to become the largest parental rights movement in presidential politics.

LEESBURG, VIRGINA — Never Back Down, the super PAC backing Ron DeSantis for president, announced a new grassroots coalition, Parents Never Back Down.

The nationwide movement will rally parents to support Governor Ron DeSantis, the country’s top fighter for American families, according to the PAC. The group will launch in Virginia with ten chairs and 100 members – all parents who were part of the first-ever Parents Matter movement instrumental during the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election.


“No one has done more for our schools or our kids in the last six years than Governor Ron DeSantis,” said Ellen Walter, Never Back Down’s Coalitions Director. “He has the strongest track record of any presidential candidate when it comes to standing up for the American family and protecting our children.”

Walter says Parents Never Back Down will build off the widespread support DeSantis already has from parents by deploying the coalition in early primary states. The PAC’s goal is to grow the parents’ movement into the largest ever seen in a presidential primary.


Many new members of Parents Never Back Down participated in politics for the first time during the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election, when the far left enabled activist school boards and pushed their radical agenda into children’s lives over the will of their parents. These parents came together then to push back on the Left’s woke agenda and succeeded – now they are taking the movement nationwide in support of Ron DeSantis.

“During COVID, I saw first-hand the radical agenda that was being taught in our public schools to my children,” Elicia Brand, a longtime grassroots leader of the parents’ rights movement and Parents Never Back Down Co-Chair, said.

“We successfully fought this indoctrination in Virginia, and Governor DeSantis has done the same in Florida,” Brand added. “I know he will continue this fight at the federal level, and, as our next President, ensure sexualized material, radical transgender ideology, and divisive Critical Race Theory is kept out of schools for our most vulnerable children.”