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The Big Grift – The DeSantis Download: March 21, 2023

What’s up next for Ron DeSantis?

Yesterday saw a whirlwind of coverage after The Florida Standard asked the governor at his Monday press conference on CBDCs what his thoughts were on the potential Trump indictment and if he would get involved.

Many people took his answer of “We’re not going to be involved in it” as an indication that the Florida governor would not help Trump, yet sources close to the governor tell us this was referring to the Soros backed prosecutor, not the former president himself.

This confusion caused great debate all over social media, with Republicans all over America vehemently choosing their side: Trump or DeSantis. The Trump faction attacked DeSantis over “disloyalty” – suggesting that although Trump was potentially going to be arrested Tuesday, his biggest enemy and target number one was not the New York prosecutor – but Ron DeSantis.

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