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Full Steam Ahead for the “Freedom Blueprint” - The DeSantis Download: March 17, 2023

What’s up next for Ron DeSantis?

Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Freedom Blueprint” is pushing its way through the Florida House and Senate with bills concerning a six-week abortion ban, restricting the use of pronouns in school, the teaching of DEI in higher education, illegal immigration, restrictions on sex reassignment surgeries for children and much more.

This passing of bills through committees shows a real dedication to the governor’s agenda from the legislature, and this slew of legislative wins sets the governor up in the eyes of many as someone who knows how to get his priorities accomplished. For a 2024 run, this almost guaranteed completion of his agenda in the Florida House and Senate shows a taste of what a DeSantis presidency would look like – while many of the top issues being addressed this session are direct pushbacks on the Democrat agenda.

It is unknown how DeSantis would respond to a Congress that is not a Republican supermajority if he were president, but if this session is an indication of anything, it is that the governor of Florida has a clear direction. And as time goes on, it is becoming more and more evident that he is delivering on every promise he has made.

Here is everything you need to know or might have missed about the Florida governor:

DeSantis Secures Nearly $1 Billion for Hurricane Recovery Efforts in Florida

Governor DeSantis visited Fort Myers to highlight recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian and his efforts to cut through unnecessary red tape.

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DeSantis Leads Alliance of States Against Biden’s ESG Scheme

An alliance of 18 states will stand against Biden’s radical agenda, protecting citizens from ESG rules that threaten their liberty and the U.S. economy.

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