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The Elites Will Divide and Conquer Us No More

A new paradigm has been born, uniting humanity as the globalist elites go after us regardless of color, creed, culture or wealth. Florida now stands out as the beacon of freedom and hope for the nation and the world.

There’s a word that everyone should know. It’s called “cooptation.” It basically means a change of ownership and direction of a social movement. A hostile takeover, one might say. And that’s what’s happened to the Left.

It’s actually not very complicated. The untouchable oligarchs who love to control our everyday lives, distort reality by lies and manipulation – suppress free speech and perhaps in the future, even our thoughts – have simply used a tactic as old as recorded history itself.

It’s called divide and conquer. Divide et impera. Pit white against black, poor against rich, conservative against liberal, gay against straight, vaccinated against unvaccinated. And so on. They have taken this basic scheme all the way down to the molecular level, splitting up families and life-long friends using terror campaigns of psychological and biomedical warfare.


A key component to this evil plan is speech. The way language is used. To call the truth a lie, and a lie the truth. To exercise hegemony of terminology that sound benign, such as “sustainability” – a catchphrase for the World Economic Forum and the UN’s Agenda 2030 – and use it to enact policies and regulations that in reality are completely anti-human. To starve us, freeze us, isolate us by the means of artificially created crises.

This use of language also enables the elites and their henchmen in the global bureaucracy-industrial complex to humiliate us to entirely new levels. To the point where they can sit back and laugh how they made us eat bugs and drink recycled urine. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me enlighten you – there’s more than a pinch of sadism to this whole playbook.

The same thing with “equity” and “social justice”. These concepts have been operationalized to deploy the Left as stormtroopers in the globalists’ tactics of societal disintegration. Today, the Left, which I myself used to belong to, only serves as the cannon fodder and useful idiots for the oligarchs and their acolytes.


The whole affair is almost comical, if it wasn’t such a tragedy. It plays out like a bad Hollywood movie – with the legacy media steadily pumping out the oligarchs’ fear narratives and manipulated data, all aimed to separate the plebes so that they won’t threaten the new order the elites are hoping to bring out of this chaos.

But more and more people are waking up to the fact that the paradigm of Left and Right politics is dead. Because now, it’s us against them. It’s the people against a small cabal of psychopaths who, in their dreams of total world domination, have decided to try to quash the most basic of human instincts: the urge to be free.

The state of Florida is an outlier in the global suppression of liberties and basic individual rights. In Florida, the government has not played along with the move towards authoritarianism. In fact, quite the opposite: Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a firm stand grounded in the U.S. Constitution. Florida now serves as a beacon of freedom and hope for people all over the country; perhaps even the entire world – an inspiration for resistance against tyrannical government.


When we know the oppressors’ strategy, we can counter it, because the technocratic globalists playing “Civilization” with our real lives are missing something essential. Despite their war games they have rehearsed for decades, their supercomputers and contingency plans, their cadre of willing executioners hiding in plain sight in corporations and government, they have failed to include the human spirit in their calculations and algorithms. Since these people lack emotions and empathy and despise the idea of a higher power, they will surely not be successful.

Once we overcome these tyrannical plans, we have to do better. We will not return to the old paradigm. We will love each other more, and we will look out for all of our brothers and sisters. And, most importantly: We will never let this happen again.

Jonas Vesterberg is the editor of The Florida Standard.