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The Heartbeat Protection Act – The DeSantis Download: April 14, 2023

What’s up next for Ron DeSantis?

Democrats are up in arms over Ron DeSantis’ decision to sign Florida’s new six-week abortion ban into law late last night, claiming he did so in secret without much press to not draw attention to the new abortion restrictions. The Root even went so far to say that black pregnant “people” will be hit the hardest, twisting the narrative another notch. It’s almost as if they want black women to have abortions more so than any other demographic. You have to wonder why?

Many people on both the Left and the Right claim abortion is a losing issue for Republicans in the long term – but this sentiment seems not to have dissuaded the governor, who if he wants to win the primary spot in the 2024 race will have to show a long list of strong conservative victories to claim that he is the candidate to support over a fiery and media-savvy Trump.

Ron DeSantis spoke at Liberty University today giving the convocation keynote address, speaking once again on the “Freedom Blueprint,” Florida’s many conservative successes and his monumental win for governor.

The Florida governor is also heading to DC next week to have a meet and greet with fellow Republicans on April 18th. It seems more and more clear every day that Ron DeSantis is setting himself up for his 2024 run, working to form alliances with Republican congressmen and conservative leaders in the nation’s capital as the legislative session here in Florida reaches its final weeks.

Here is everything you need to know about what is happening in DeSantis World today.

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