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AUDIO: Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Shares His Thoughts on Donald Trump for President in 2024

The Tiger King star said he thinks the former president made a big mistake by not pardoning him before he left office.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Tiger King star “Joe Exotic” kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign last week from inside federal prison.

This week, Joe Maldonado began taking shots at his potential opponents for the 2024 presidential election in an exclusive interview with The Florida Standard. He shared his thoughts on his potential opponents, including Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis.

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Maldonado said he thinks Trump would still be president if he had pardoned him.

What are your thoughts on the rumors that Trump could be indicted and arrested?

I actually think it’s funny. It’s about time some of these bastards – excuse my language – start getting what the people get. He’s not immune to being prosecuted just like the rest of us in this country. Half the politicians that are in this country in office should be prosecuted.

I’m sure he has done a whole lot more than just use campaign funds to pay off a prostitute. It’s a bad habit amongst these politicians. They’re making back-door deals and they’re using taxpayer money for their own personal shit.

"He's not immune to being prosecuted" - Audio clip from phone call with Tiger King's Joe Exotic

Why don’t you like Trump?

He played me for a year in the headlines. ‘Joe’s on the pardon list’ – for a damn year. Him and Don Jr. kept that shit going. If he would’ve pardoned me, he wouldn’t have had to call Georgia and ask for 11,000 votes, because he would’ve got ’em.

Do you think if he pardoned you, that would have changed the outcome of the election?

I know it would have. I have millions of supporters out there. It would be stupid for the Democrats not to pardon me before this is over. Actually, it would do them a miracle if Biden would just look at the evidence and see that I’m innocent. Not because I’m running for office. If Biden does that, the Democrats would have this wrapped up.

Joe Exotic's thoughts on 2020 election