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Tight Race Between Luna and Lynn in Florida’s Congressional District 13

Polling indicates that Republican Anna Paulina Luna – an Air Force veteran – has a narrow lead over her Democratic challenger, former Obama Department of Defense official Eric Lynn.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA — Tomorrow, Republican Anna Paulina Luna faces off against Democrat Eric Lynn in what looks to be a close fight over Florida’s 13th congressional district. The race has been one of the most expensive in the state, with Luna spending $5.2 million on her campaign, and Lynn even more – $8.4 million.

As reported by Florida Politics, recent polling shows that the candidates are separated by less than one percentage point – Luna at 45.9 percent and Lynn at 45.3 percent, with 9 percent of voters still undecided.


Lynn is a former Obama Department of Defense official. Like many of his fellow Democratic candidates, he’s been heavily focused on pro-abortion in his campaign messaging. Some notable Republicans have endorsed Lynn over Luna, stating that his national security background and moderate values would be better for the country than Luna’s America First agenda.

Eric Lynn studied international relations at Northwestern University, after which he received a law degree from Georgetown. He joined Obama’s team very early, which proved beneficial for the Pinellas County native. Lynn served as senior advisor to the secretary of defense for six years, where he worked closely with Israel on the Iron Dome anti-rocket system, among other high-level tasks.

Lynn is endorsed by his former boss at the DoD, Leon Panetta – as well as former President Barack Obama, who recorded an audio message in support of his candidacy.


Anna Paulina Luna grew up in Southern California under tough conditions, where she experienced gang shootings, robberies and drug addiction first-hand. She joined the Air Force and served for six years.

Luna is endorsed by a large number of well-known people in the America First movement, among them former President Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, political commentator Charlie Kirk and Ambassador Ric Grenell, who served as Acting Director of National Intelligence under Trump.

Some of the core issues on Luna’s platform are to stop illegal immigration, stop gender ideology being taught in schools and to introduce term limits and close the “revolving door” between the public and private sector.


When it comes to the political issue that Democrats are betting this election on – abortion rights – Anna Paulina Luna says that she’s pro-life, but that she stands by the Supreme Court’s decision to leave abortion legislation up to the states.

Luna has spoken out against the way Democrats are driving the economy towards inflation and reckless government spending that seemingly targets middle-class and lower-income Americans.


“You have Joe Biden and even my opponent, Lynn, who want to help fund 87,000 IRS agents – the fact is that here in Pinellas County, we’re seeing some of the highest inflation in over forty years, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon if we don’t get it under control,” Luna said in a recent interview with Bay News 9.

She has also called out Big Tech, media censorship and globalism as key problems facing the nation. “You are being lied to,” Luna says in a campaign video, “by Big Tech, by the government, by globalist bureaucrats who are selling out America and our values and are destroying our country from within."