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Top Florida Radical Leftist Anna Eskamani Files for Re-Election

Eskamani has championed every progressive policy position and hasn’t shied away from attacking her fellow Florida Democrats.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani of Orlando has announced her re-election bid for her fourth and final term.

A Democrat, Eskamani has positioned herself as a far-Left progressive on many issues. She previously worked for Planned Parenthood as a senior director of Southwest and Central Florida.

“My work at Planned Parenthood in Florida gave me an in-depth perspective of the deep disconnect between politicians and the people they are elected to serve. No matter how many facts we stressed, stories we shared, or patients who testified, we would still lose every abortion fight in the legislature,” Eskamani wrote in 2019.


Anna Eskamani currently works full-time as a strategic advisor for NEO Philanthropy. NEO, according to their own words, is an organization dedicated to “creating” social justice movements – helping these “make the connections across sectors necessary for deep change.”

According to The Capitolist, Eskamani and her sister are at the center of a “dark money” operation that flows through NEO, where the organization functions as a middleman between donors and recipients. Influence Watch writes that “the group serves as a clearinghouse for left-of-center causes.”

NEO has received funding from globalist power players like George Soros and Bill Gates in order to promote radical Leftist causes. In January 2023, it was reported that NEO received $21 million from the Soros Foundation to support “advocacy on Latinx rights and empowerment” and to promote the Movement for Black Lives.


Eskamani has championed every progressive policy position. In response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently appointing a Moms for Liberty co-founder to the Florida Commission on Ethics, Eskamani condemned the move referring to the organization in bizarrely stark terms:

“Moms for Liberty has terrorized teachers, politicized schools, banned books and targeted LGBTQ+ people,” Eskamani said. “They are the farthest thing from being ethical. In fact they’ve shown a clear disregard for ethical behavior from the very beginning.”

True to her Planned Parenthood past, Eskamani has advocated for and hosted dinners to support a ballot measure codifying abortion access that could potentially end up enshrined in the Florida Constitution.

“Though my heart is heavy, our focus has never been more clear,” Eskamani said. “We are going to get abortion access on the ballot in 2024 and codify this right once and for all in our state.”

“The DeSantis Court will not rule in our favor and we must bring abortion access straight to the voters,” Eskamani posted on X.

Eskamani nearly broke the internet once, when she went viral for screaming “You are erasing our trans babies!” during a protest against what Leftist activists described as an “anti-trans bill” approved by the Florida Legislature.

After the debacle, a top Florida Democrat told The Florida Standard: “Anna is why we lose.”  

She has also claimed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “a governor who wants to commit genocide against trans people.”


Eskamani came out against legislation signed into law by DeSantis that bans minors from drag shows.

“This is purely your efforts to eliminate any type of expression when it comes to marginalized communities, because for some reason, you find that offensive,” said Eskamani. “Drag is joy. Drag is happiness. Drag is fashion. Drag is glorious. Drag is lip-syncing. Drag is life for so many of our communities. It is what saves people from taking their own lives.”


After the Florida Democratic Party lost every election for statewide elected office and now faces Republican supermajorities in both the State House and Senate, Eskamani once declared that her party doesn’t really exist.

“This is the low of the low. There really is no Democratic Party,” Eskamani said.

She continued by stating the party is bad at raising money and registering voters.

Her claim is backed up by The Republican Party of Florida outpacing Democrats in voter registration and recently flipping another county red.

Similarly, Eskamani once had a Twitter – now known as X – spat after then-Democrat gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried’s campaign staffer, Keith Edwards, called Eskamani an off-brand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

She responded by saying “But if y’alls goal was to paint me as an ‘off brand’ disinformation machine you 100% failed.”

A month later, Eskamani continued criticizing Nikki Fried after reports came out alleging that the former agriculture commissioner had been defending Big Sugar interests.

“Democratic nominee for Governor using sugar talking points and/or lying about reporters being bribed to write a story,” Eskamani said. “It’s not good, and people need to understand that.”


Eskamani is running in a district – Florida House District 42, located in urban and central Orlando – where her recent elections have been won handily. In 2022, she won by approximately 10,000 votes and 13 percentage points over challenger Bonnie Jackson, an attorney.

Jackson stated she was not surprised at her electoral loss since Eskamani “was the incumbent in a blue district starting with a large sum of money in the bank. The odds were not in my favor, but the fight was certainly worth taking.”

In 2020 – in her old District 27 – Eskamani prevailed by an ever wider margin of 59 to 41 percent over challenger Jeremy Sisson. Sisson, a managing director for a commercial real estate brokerage firm, was endorsed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Family Policy Council.

As of Eskamani’s announcement last week, no challenger has filed to run against her.