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Touching Down in Tally – The DeSantis Download: April 28, 2023

What’s up next for Ron DeSantis?

As Ron DeSantis finishes up his international trade mission in London today and heads back to the Sunshine State, he will return to a slew of bills from the Florida Legislature awaiting his signature. And more that are nearing completion in the House and Senate.

Of these prepared to be signed is a bill aimed at recommending the death penalty for child rapists and a bill banning children at any adult performances – which has had drag show performers up in arms. In preparation for the signing of the latter bill, many “pride” and drag shows have already canceled their events in Florida or made their events “adults only” in anticipation of the governor signing the bill into law.

Other bills expected to soon land on DeSantis’ desk include public safety legislation, strong illegal immigration reform, the banning of CBDC in Florida, the halting of CCP land purchasing in Florida, and the banning of ESG.

Here is everything you need to know about what is happening in DeSantis World today.

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