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Trans surgeries for minors may soon be illegal, death penalty for child rapists and more! - TFS Newsletter 3/24/23

A Letter from the Editor:

On Tuesday I had the pleasure, or rather displeasure, of reading aloud at the Hillsborough County School Board an excerpt from a gratuitously sexual book that is found in at least 8 Tampa public schools. Along side me were over 30 other Tampa residents, who addressed the school board on over 45 other books full of sexual content that children can read in these schools.

My question after speaking to the board is: Will the Florida legislature introduce a bill to get rid of the “educational content” loophole these schools use to keep these books in libraries during this 60 day session? Or will these egregious books remain in the schools for children to see and read?

In other news, the Florida legislature moved forward on a bill defying precedent that would allow the death penalty for child rapists, an Orlando drag queen event got cancelled at a local high school, Trump turns up the heat on DeSantis, and a Florida man beat the world record for push ups in an hour.

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