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Trump Admin Wanted Masking and Social Distancing Back After DeSantis Opened Up Florida

As the former president accuses Ron DeSantis of rewriting history regarding his COVID response, the documents from 2021 indicate that it’s the other way around.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a letter from January 2021 – several months after Governor DeSantis had opened up Florida – the Trump administration advised him to reinstate masking and social distancing as well as promoting “active and aggressive immunization.”

"Florida must increase both statewide and local public mitigation. Increase communication around the importance of personal mitigation with masking, physical distancing, and avoiding family gatherings," the Trump administration’s letter stated.

Ron DeSantis, however, chose to ignore that advice and instead double down on his policies, which proved successful and popular with Floridians as well as Americans in general.

The Trump administration’s letter, first reported on by The Washington Examiner, goes counter to the narrative disseminated by former President Trump and his team.

About DeSantis, Trump recently stated in an interview: “He shut down Florida. It was tight as a drum. He had vax lines. He was vaxxing everything. Now, he talks about the vaccinations this and that.”

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As a new wave of COVID hysteria, masking and vaccine-pushing strikes the nation, Ron DeSantis once again dismisses draconian measures and calls for accountability – a reckoning – to hold those pushing a false emergency and authoritarian agenda to task.

“If you don’t have that reckoning, they are going to continue to try to do it again,” DeSantis said at a press conference on Thursday. “So we’ve got to make it clear that what they did was wrong. What they’re trying to do now in its infant stages is wrong and we can’t let this happen to our country ever again.”

DeSantis also said that for months, up to January of 2021, he was “getting hit” by Trump’s White House task force to impose mask mandates and close down bars, restaurants and businesses in Florida.