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Trump Camp Burns $26 Million in Attack Ads on DeSantis

The enormous amount of negative attacks on DeSantis is something his allies say other candidates would not have survived.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — With polls indicating that Ron DeSantis is further behind Trump than he was at the start of his campaign, there is no shortage of people attacking him for missteps and blunders while arguing that he should bow out of the race before things get worse.

But his newly appointed campaign manager, James Uthmeier, contends the race is far from over and points to multiple examples of DeSantis wins despite polls and media speculation.

“People have written Governor DeSantis’s obituary many times,” Uthmeier told The Messenger. “From his race against establishment primary candidate Adam Putnam, to his victory over legacy media-favored candidate Andrew Gillum [in 2018], to his twenty-point win over Charlie Crist [in 2022], Governor DeSantis has proven that he knows how to win.”


According to Never Back Down’s COO, Kristin Davison, DeSantis was hit with a barrage of negative advertising by Trump super PACs – spending close to $26 million – something Davidson says any other candidate would not have survived.

“The fact that half of the Republican Party does not want to support a former Republican President is a problem for Donald Trump,” Never Back Down spokesperson Jess Szymanski told The Florida Standard.

“As Trump’s unfavorables remain historically high, he keeps making mistakes in Iowa and New Hampshire by attacking their popular governors,” Szymanski added. “This is a two-person race between DeSantis and Trump, with the governor having the name ID, message, grassroots support, and political organization to overtake the former president in the primaries.”


On the campaign trail, DeSantis displays consistent energy and drive – even when battered by questions about the viability of his candidacy. DeSantis could gain an advantage if he wins the Iowa caucus causing a ripple effect in how other Republicans vote moving forward.

“He’s breaking records on fundraising and has a supporting super PAC with $100 million in the bank and an incredible ground game,” Uthmeier said. “Get ready.”