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Trump in Miami: “The Policy is Very Simple – It’s America First”

“You’re going to re-elect the wonderful, the great friend of mine Marco Rubio to the United States Senate and you are going to re-elect Ron DeSantis as your governor,” Trump told the crowd in Miami on Sunday.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — Thousands of Republicans rallied in Miami on Sunday – two days before the midterm election. Former President Trump transformed the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds into a patriotic battleground for his “Save America” rally.

“You’re going to re-elect the wonderful, the great friend of mine Marco Rubio to the United States Senate and you are going to re-elect Ron DeSantis as your governor,” Trump told the crowd in Miami.


In the hours leading up to Trump’s arrival, Republican candidates took the stage to remind voters what is at stake in this midterm election. U.S. Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-26) and State House Rep. David Perez (R-36) kicked off the event with a call to action for Miami-Dade County.

“Miami-Dade County is a bastion of support for Republicans within the Hispanic community,” Perez told the crowd. “The red wave is going to rise from the Florida Straits and go right over the Keys, across the state of Florida, and sweep the nation,” Gimenez said.

U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz (R-1) told conservatives that “there is nothing extreme or dangerous about loving our country.” The midterm fight is on, and it is “closing time,” according to Gaetz. “There is no closer in American politics like big daddy Don,” Gaetz said.

U.S. Rep Byron Donalds (R-19) and candidates for U.S. Congress Anna Paulina Luna and Cory Mills promised voters that they would fight back against the woke agenda. “I am pro-life, pro-God, pro-gun, and anti-globalist,” Luna said.

“Together, on November 8th we’re going to fire Nancy Pelosi and drain the swamp,” said U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-3). Cammack described herself as Nancy Pelosi’s least-favorite member of Congress as the crowd chanted “U.S.A., U.S.A.”


Donald Trump Jr. told supporters that across America, people are waking up. “They see the priorities of today’s Democrat party, which do nothing for everyday, hard working Americans,” he said. “I want you to vote like the safety of you, your children and your loved ones depend on it.”

Senator Marco Rubio asked for Floridians’ votes as he condemned the January 6th commission. “They’ve wasted all that money on a kangaroo court and wasted our time,” he said. “When are they going to have a commission on the riots of 2020 where they burned down cities and torched police cars?”


Former President Trump took the stage as Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” revved up the crowd. “You’re going to elect an incredible slate of true MAGA warriors to Congress,” Trump said. “When they say policy, the policy is very simple – it’s America First.”

Although Trump is not on the ballot, his rallies across the country have stirred up the base of conservatives that are tired of recent policies that have fueled inflation, division and unrest.

“I’m here to support Trump, and I am voting for every Republican on the ballot,” said Juan R. A conservative Hispanic, Juan told The Florida Standard that he struggles to pay for both gas and groceries. “Why did everything go downhill so fast after Trump left office? My family came to America to escape communist Cuba before I was born, but I see things getting bad fast,” he said.


Trump praised Marco Rubio for being instrumental in tax cuts “bigger than the Reagan tax cuts many decades before.” Rubio felt strongly about doubling the child tax credits along with Trump’s daughter Ivanka. “They fought for it, and we got it,” Trump said.

As the event concluded, digital screens displayed the image of an American flag as somber music began to play. Then, as Trump went through a long list of issues and problems facing the country, a huge black cloud covered the area, and rain began to pour down on the attendees. “This might be our greatest rally yet,” Trump said.

The former president told supporters that he was not going anywhere and continued to finish his speech as the teleprompter gave out in the rain. “Can you imagine if it was Joe Biden up here?” Trump said as the crowd erupted in cheers. “We’re about to take back that beautiful White House very soon. It won’t take long,” he said.

“This dark cloud is what is happening to our country right now,” Bruce P. told The Florida Standard as he began to exit the fairgrounds. “We need Governor DeSantis, we need Marco Rubio, and we need more Republicans to keep Florida safe and free,” he said.