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Trump Promoting Lockdowns and Social Distancing in Resurfaced News Clip

In the video from 2020, the former president suggests that we are going to have to live with lockdowns and social distancing for a long time.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — In a resurfaced news clip from 2020, former President Trump is seen and heard seemingly promoting COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see this going on long into the future,” Trump says in the video.

Political commentator Steve Deace writes that the COVID measures have been “bringing us to the brink of utter societal ruin, and dangerous cliffs of excess deaths, inhumane tyranny, mental health, economic turmoil, etc. And Trump made every wrong decision possible to set it all in motion.”

Deace points out the contradictory stance of a self-proclaimed vaccine injured Trump supporter, given that the former president was and still is pushing the mRNA vaccines.

“I am so sorry you are vaccine injured by Operation Warp Speed. I have and continue to do everything I can to stop more victims like yourself from happening, and get you the justice you deserve. But please, help me understand why you're on the team of the guy who continues to this day to brag about authoring the very thing that poisoned you? Moderna had NEVER successfully brought a product to market before Trump gave them billions via Operation Warp Speed to development the poison poke. He has offered you no remorse, no grace, no nothing,” Deace writes.