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Trump Supporters Descend Upon Palm Beach

“I think what was done last night was a terrible thing, and if they can do this to our President, they can do this to anyone of us,” said one of the supporters outside of Mar-a-Lago.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA – Horns honked, sirens blazed and loud music blared as Trump supporters descended upon the island of Palm Beach. While speculation abounds regarding the details of the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Trump supporters we spoke to were confident that the former President is being targeted by “a weaponized FBI.”

After the chaotic gathering in front of Trump’s oceanfront estate on Monday night, police established a safe zone for protesters and supporters adjacent to the property’s west lawn along the Intracoastal bridge connecting the island of Palm Beach with the city of West Palm Beach.


Hundreds of cars and trucks crossed the bridge to the barrier island Tuesday night looking for parking spots. Motorcycles and golf carts maneuvered their way to any available stopping point. Ocean Avenue on Palm Beach was gridlocked in the other direction, with a line of cars miles up the coastline to the north. Cars slowly made their way past the front of the Mar-a-Lago complex as Secret Service stood at the gates with short-barreled semi-automatic assault rifles.

“I just want to see what’s happening,” said Paul, wearing a MAGA hat and walking along the side of the bridge. “An Uber dropped me off,” he added. People gathered along the bridge and waved flags, cheered as cars honked their horns, and danced enthusiastically.

Frank – a former New Yorker – was playing a fife to the tune of Dixie’s Land and stopped to speak with us. “We are all here to show our support for President Trump. What has been done to him and his family is cumulative. It’s not just what happened to him last night. He’s a true patriot, he loves our country, as we do, and we love President Trump because he loves our country.”


One couple parked their RV along the road and stayed there overnight. As the wind increased, a giant flag with Trump’s image billowed above Linda and her husband’s RV. “I think what was done last night was a terrible thing, and if they can do this to our President, they can do this to anyone of us. I think it’s time to get rid of the FBI; I think they’ve proven themselves to be not for the American people,” she said.

Fox News reported that the FBI agents did not allow Trump’s lawyers to be present during the raid on the former President’s private home at Mar-a-Lago.