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TV Spot Highlights DeSantis’ Environmental Work

Historically, Republicans have often been blamed for not focusing enough on environmental and conservation efforts. But it looks like Ron DeSantis is determined to change that image.

THE EVERGLADES, FLORIDA — The Republican Party of Florida has produced a new TV and digital ad with the theme “Keeping Florida Beautiful.” The spot focuses on how Governor DeSantis’ policies have improved the Sunshine State’s water quality and his efforts to protect natural resources.

The narrator in the video says: “In South Florida, water is our way of life. From our beaches to our fisheries, our water quality is tied to our prosperity. That’s why Governor DeSantis secured a record $3.3 billion to restore the Everglades after years of neglect, advanced reservoir projects to clean the water, restored the flow of water to Florida Bay, and protected Biscayne Bay. Governor DeSantis improved our water quality and is protecting our natural resources, leaving Florida to God better than we found it.”

DeSantis is endorsed by the Everglades Trust this year, as he was in 2018. During his time as governor, 50 Everglades restoration projects have broken ground, hit a major milestone, or finished construction. One is the EAA Reservoir Project, which sends clean water south while reducing damaging discharges from Lake Okeechobee.

Another is the raising of the Tamiami Trail to increase the flow of clean, fresh water south.

In fact, Governor DeSantis originally pledged to secure $2.5 billion over four years for Everglades restoration and protection of water resources. But he has actually overshot this goal by $800 million – which sets the total of a $3.3 billion investment over four years.