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Twenty-One State Legislators Endorse DeSantis Following Debate

“Ron DeSantis has the vision, experience, and energy to reverse our economy’s decline and make life affordable for working families,” Tennessee State Representative Gino Bulso said.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Twenty-one state legislators across ten states announced today that they are endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis for president.

After his appearance at the Republican debate on Wednesday, officials from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Tennessee joined hundreds of others nationwide in support of DeSantis.

“Hard-working Americans are getting hammered by Joe Biden’s radical policies and rising prices,” said Tennessee State Representative Gino Bulso. “We need a president who understands how to rebuild the American Dream and fight for the middle class. Ron DeSantis has the vision, experience, and energy to reverse our economy’s decline and make life affordable for working families.”

California Assemblyman Joe Patterson said DeSantis is the “conservative warrior” who can reverse our nation’s decline and revive America. “As a resident of Gavin Newsom’s California, I know too well the ruinous costs of progressive lunacy. Only Ron DeSantis can restore sanity,” Patterson said.

“As a mom and Illinois state senator, I am concerned about what our children are being taught in the classroom and what kind of country they will inherit,” said Illinois State Senate Deputy Republican Leader Sue Rezin. “Ron DeSantis is the only candidate who can be trusted to fight for my family the same way he fights for his and I am proud to endorse him for president.”

DeSantis now boasts over 300 state-level endorsements – more than any other candidate in the race. The full list of elected officials who endorsed Ron DeSantis today is below:


Representative Zach Gramlich

Representative Aaron Pilkington

Representative Ryan Rose


Assemblyman Joe Patterson

Assemblyman Tom Lackey


Senator Larry Liston


Representative Jodi Lott


Senate Deputy Republican Leader Sue Rezin


Representative Susan Humphries

Representative Sandy Picker

Representative Kristey Williams


Senator Chris Caughman

Representative Fred Shanks


Representative Gino Bulso

Representative Dale Carr

Representative Jason Zachary


Bexar County Commissioner Grany Moody


Senator Phil Fortunato

Representative Chris Corry

Mayor Dick Muri

Mayor Jon Nehring