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U.S. Rep Brian Mast Reacts to Joe Biden's Presidential Address

A hypocritical president is dividing the country and uses our armed forces as pawns in a political game, U.S. Rep. Brian Mast tells The Florida Standard.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A highly decorated U.S. Army veteran, Republican Congressman Brian Mast (FL-18) served for twelve years, following in his father’s footsteps. While deployed in Afghanistan under the Joint Special Operations Command, Mast sustained catastrophic injuries when an explosive device detonated, resulting in the loss of both of his legs.

Mast, a third-term congressman, was frustrated by Joe Biden’s rhetoric on Thursday night, as the president spoke in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. He feels that Biden went on national television simply to divide the country.

“I listened to the speech, and I read it,” he said. Biden must have forgotten everything he said in his inauguration speech. Demonizing those who think differently than his agenda was the goal,” Mast said. “It was a slap in the face to every American, whether Republican or Democrat,” according to Mast.

“We need a great America. Not make America weak, not make America woke, not make America's border porous, not make America poor,” he added.


He said the U.S. Marines, standing behind Biden during the address, are not to be used as pawns in a political game. “They probably hated the fact that they were being used as pawns… those Marines must have been rolling their eyes,” he said.

Biden misused his presidential office during the address, according to Mast, and focused instead on political attacks. “Biden is a hypocrite, and he's using his platform as the president to amplify his hypocrisy, and he's using Marines – uniformed warriors that don't want a weak America – to justify his weak hypocrisy.” Ultimately, according to Mast, Joe Biden is the one who’s creating a lack of unity.

Brian Mast has served the United States with distinction. He has earned The Purple Heart Medal, The Bronze Star Medal, The Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and The Army Commendation Medal of Valor. However, he continues to dedicate himself in service to our country and community. Mast serves on two congressional committees: The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, overseeing Lake Okeechobee and its water quality, and The Foreign Affairs Committee.