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UNDERCOVER VIDEO: LGBTQ Counselor Tells Florida Teen She Can Keep Secrets from Parents

At a “Pride” festival, a teenager used a hidden camera to record a mental health counselor telling her that she can conceal their conversations from parents.

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FERNANDINA BEACH, FLORIDA — A mental health counselor at a “Pride” event last month told a teenager that she could hide information from her parents.

Conservative pundit Quisha King shared a video recorded during the Fernandina Beach Pride festival on June 10 in which a 16-year-old girl speaks with a counselor from Starting Point Behavioral Health.

Two women wearing Starting Point t-shirts greet the teen as she approaches their tent and tables.

“You guys offer like mental health stuff,” the teen asks.

“Yeah we do,” one woman responds. “So, like, counseling?”


“So it’s all confidential – because I’m actually a counselor for Starting Point,” the woman says. “It’s all confidential and if you are going through your open access and you mention, or whoever is going through it mentions that they are part of the LGBTQ+ community, we actually have counselors who are part of the community and they will try to pair you up with them.”

The counselor continues: “We have things called peer support, who are people with lived experiences and counselors who are gay have lived experiences as well and they can also help on that end.”

“Everything’s confidential,” she reiterates for a third time. “Nothing leaks. Basically, we can talk about anything. It’s client-led, so anything the client wants to talk about, we’ll talk about with them.”

The counselor then proposes a possible subject for discussion.

“So, if you want to talk about the struggles with your family, we’re there for it.”

The teen asks a clarifying question: “Do you guys do underaged? Or just 18 or older?”

“All ages.”

“But, like, I’m underaged, so would things be limited to what we could talk about because of that?”

“So, limited to talking? No,” the counselor responds. “Because you’re underaged, your parents do have access to your… uh … your documents. So just tell your therapist that, and then certain things that you talk about with your therapist just won’t be in your documents.”

Starting Point did not respond to a request for comment.


King added her own commentary on the video.

“I think that is very deceitful, it is disrespectful to the position that you have in your child’s life as parents,” she said.

She also reacted to another clip from the video in which the teen shows and audibly reads a sign that states: “If your parents don’t accept you, I’m your mom now.”

“How dare you?” King said of the sign. “This undermines parental rights at its core.”