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VIRAL VIDEO: “I’m Voting DeSantis, and I’m A Democrat”

As mainstream media and Democrats do their best to discredit the DeSantis administration’s hurricane response, a video with Arcadia residents goes counter to their narrative.

ARCADIA, FLORIDA — In a video that went viral on Twitter on Monday, Arcadia residents express their gratitude to Governor DeSantis for getting gas delivered to the hurricane-affected area.

“The gas is here in Arcadia, so y’all know who I vote for. I’m voting DeSantis, and I’m a Democrat,” one of the men in the video says.

The video was tweeted by political commentator Dan Bongino, who said: “Lol. The bullshit media is going to lose their marbles over this video.”

John Cardillo retweeted the video and commented: “This is exactly where I did my supply run on Saturday, Arcadia. I heard this exact message from many there. They’re beyond grateful for the rapid response put in place by @GovRonDeSantis Of course the trash corporate media isn’t reporting.”

Another account, Live Monitor, also retweeted the video, saying: “All jokes aside, Florida’s Hurricane preparations and planning has been impressive. The organization and mobilization efforts are astonishingly efficient.”

In an opinion piece in Town Hall, Kurt Schlichter writes about the Left’s and the media’s constant witch hunt against the Florida governor, now grasping at any straws they can find in the aftermath from Hurricane Ian:

“DeSantis is out there constantly, answering questions, issuing guidance, and giving info. DeSantis oversaw the planning and execution of the response to the hurricane with clarity and efficiency shocking in this world of posers and ruling class charlatans who have never accomplished anything other than taking on ever-higher positions from which they can achieve even greater failures.”