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Volusia School Board Member Voted No on LGBTQ Resolution Because It Was “Toothless”

Anita Burnette voted no on a pro-LGBTQ school board resolution because it didn’t go far enough, she explained in an op-ed.

VOLUSIA COUNTY – After The Florida Standard’s article about the DeSantis administration’s identification of school board members hostile to the governor’s education agenda, questions have been raised regarding where Anita Burnette’s loyalties lie.

Burnette is a member of the Volusia County School Board. In March of 2021, she voted no on an LGBTQ resolution. This led some to believe that Burnette supported the conservative perspective on education. But in an opinion piece in the Palm Coast Observer, Burnette explained that her reason for voting no on the resolution was that she didn’t think it went far enough:

“I could not in good conscience support a resolution that relegated such an important issue to spring break when students would not be in school. The resolution dismissed the values of inclusion that it allegedly represented. We cannot keep passing toothless statements of support instead of tackling the very real problems our LGBTQ+ students are facing,” Burnette wrote.