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Vote and Help Protect Florida from the Radical Left

Our state is under attack from the radical Left, and mainstream media’s biased reporting is intentionally bolstering false narratives aimed at turning Florida blue, writes Carlos Trujillo, former ambassador to the Organization of American States.

Carlos Trujillo

by Carlos Trujillo

As a first-generation Cuban American, my family, faith, and country, the United States of America – the greatest Republic to exist – is what I value most in life. The Constitution proves the truth the country was founded upon, and in times it has been the consistent source that moves our society closer toward fairness and righteousness, and – most importantly – it guarantees us freedom.  Over the course of my career, I have seen first-hand how our constitutional rights and freedoms are exercised in politics, policy, and the legislation both at the national and state level. Our Constitution is the bedrock of what we, as Americans, stand for –  and the First Amendment is crucial to our free society.


Governor DeSantis’ leadership as well as our state elected officials have never been more apparent or more critical than when our state came under attack from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our governor, unlike so many leaders stricken with fear and indecision, has made Florida a state where people want to live; it’s estimated that a thousand people move to Florida every day to work and raise their families.  These numbers are a testament to the Republican leaders in Florida and even some reasonable Democrats who have implemented policies and legislation that are common sense. Unfortunately, the good work that our elected leaders and corporations have done to advance Floridians’ interests never make headlines.

I believe a national movement led by Democrats is intentionally attempting to turn Florida blue through intimidation, false narratives, and biased reporting. The liberal Left and big government have the media doing its bidding to control and influence others whose beliefs do not align with their leftist agenda. Unfortunately, the media only communicates one side of the story; our current elected leaders and some of Florida’s biggest employers and companies, who are also our biggest taxpayers, are the core targets of the leftist agenda.

Major newspapers in the state continually attack large corporations that support like-minded Republican candidates and beliefs – Florida Power & Light, Publix, and other companies – have all been victims of such attacks.


It’s no secret that write-in candidates have always been a legal political tactic for both Democrats and Republicans for decades – yet the headlines and stories frame the tactic as a one-sided Republican strategy that is trying to exploit our democratic process. This false narrative must end.

According to the Florida Division of Elections, in 2020 Florida Congressional races had several Democrats who won with the help of mysterious and little-known write-in candidates; Charlie Crist’s congressional race is an example of this. When the media asked Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist about a ghost candidate in his race in 2020, he refused to respond, yet there has been no investigation by the media. Charlie Crist, the former Republican Governor who didn’t like term limits and changed parties so he could run again for governor, as a Democrat.  Even though he lost to Republican Governor Rick Scott in 2014, he’s back to run against another true Republican, Governor Ron DeSantis.

Furthermore, in 2020, Congressman Darren Soto, Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Val Demmings, all benefited after so-called “ghost candidates” entered races, did very little campaigning, and siphoned votes from Republican challengers. However, the media isn’t crying foul, it’s not investigating, and it hasn’t reported on these ghost candidates that helped Democrats keep their seats in Washington, D.C.


This election cycle, Crist has some radical liberals to help push his anti-corporate narrative – so the attacks on Florida corporations will only get worse. Crist has Florida’s print media in his pocket, but he also relies on surrogates such as extreme-liberal State Representative Anna Eskamani, who spends most of her time attacking Florida companies. Has the media researched her funding sources? Has the media researched who’s financially backing Eskamani’s sister, who regularly lobbies the Florida Legislature on behalf of organizations who are opposed to electric utilities?

The biased media coverage is intentional, and there is no accountability. The efforts to turn Florida blue and attack our Republican leaders and corporations are being funded by out-of-state interests, who are not interested in your well-being, or mine. Their political intent is clear, and that agenda appears to be aligned with socialism and communism, NOT American democracy, or free markets, where everyone can succeed.

As you go to vote this Tuesday and again in November, remember to protect your freedom and your way of life… unfortunately, it is under attack by the radical Left.

Carlos Trujillo served as Ambassador to the Organization of American States after he was appointed to the post in 2017 by President Trump. Prior, Trujillo served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives for eight years.