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Watch: Catastrophic Damage from Hurricane Idalia Captured on Video

“It’s going to swallow up the whole town,” one Cedar Key resident said in a video.

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CEDAR KEY, FLORIDA — Florida’s Gulf Coast woke up to heavy damage on Wednesday as Hurricane Idalia brought heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous flooding before making landfall along the Big Bend region.

After expanding to a Category 4 hurricane early on Wednesday morning, Idalia weakened slightly as it pummeled the Nature Coast as a Category 3 bringing catastrophic storm surge and damaging winds, according to the National Weather Service.


In Cedar Key, a torrential storm surge roared through the community. The Cedar Key fire department shared a video that showed water rushing through dark streets saying things were “going downhill fast.” The areas hardest hit were at low tide during impact, but the fire department said the tide will continue to rise until noon.

A video posted by a Cedar Key resident showed water coming down side streets at around 5 am local time.

“It’s going to swallow up the whole town,” Michael Bobbitt said in the video.

In a later post, Bobbitt showed downed tree branches, scattered debris and water continuing to travel down streets.

“Our entire downtown is submerged,” he wrote. “Houses everywhere are submerged.”

Meteorologist Jim Cantore posted a video of Idalia’s storm surge just after 7:00 am in Cedar Key.

“Extreme Meteorologist” Dr. Reed Timmer also posted a video of Hurricane Idalia’s major storm surge approaching Cedar Key.

In nearby Steinhatchee, a livecam captured rising water engulfing a neighborhood shortly after the storm’s eyewall passed through.

A timelapse video from a building in Steinhatchee shows close to ten feet of water surging ashore.

In Horseshoe Beach, a news outlet shared a video of water levels rising above ten feet, destroying parts of the coastline.

In Perry, a family shared a video of trees falling as children are heard screaming in the background.

A gas station canopy that the U.S. Army convoy used yesterday was knocked over in Perry.


The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said there had been about three to four feet of flooding on a street in St. Pete Beach.

In St. Petersburg, police said they rescued a person from flooding at a mobile home park. The department shared a video of water reaching the hood of a car in the coastal city.

Treasure Island, a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, closed its bridges. “Significant flooding” is expected throughout the afternoon.

Clearwater, an area under mandatory evacuation, experienced storm surge that is causing strain on the city's stormwater system. Residents who did not evacuate are being told to restrict water and toilet usage.


In New Port Richey, cars were up to their headlights in water. The video below was taken about one and a half miles inland and at low tide.

Photos from the Tampa International Airport showed flooding and an empty tarmac. Officials said runways were not impacted and the airport “did well” during the storm.

Text the word 'Florida' to (813) 733-5278 to receive more updates straight to your phone on whats going on in the Sunshine State.