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WATCH: Jacksonville School Bus Depot Catches Fire, Injuring Two and Damaging Multiple Buses

Fire rescue crews had a tough time putting out the fire as the building was filled with hazardous materials.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A school bus depot in Jacksonville caught fire on Tuesday morning, injuring two people and scorching six buses.

Flames had penetrated the roof of the building when the Jacksonville Fire Rescue (JFRD) arrived, News4Jax reports.

The crews initially had trouble extinguishing the fire because there were no fire hydrants in the area. They had to drag hoses over 1,000 feet in order to reach the flames.

The building was filled with hazardous materials such as gasoline and oil used for the vehicles.

Two people who tried to stop the fire before JFRD arrived ended up in the hospital after suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

JFRD posted a video on Instagram showing a close-up of the damage.