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WATCH: Pro-Abortion Activists Arrested After Attacking Cop on UF Campus

Police were trying to arrest a man who was stealing signs from a pro-life demonstration at the University of Florida.

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — A pro-life demonstration at the University of Florida turned violent on Friday after a pro-abortion advocate attempted to steal one of the demonstrator’s signs.

A video of the incident shows police arresting student Ian Dinkla after he carried away signs showing photographs of aborted fetuses. Bryn Taylor, co-president of the UF Graduates Assistant United union, attempts to stop the officer by hitting him with her megaphone.

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Both Taylor, 26, and Ian Dinkla, 21, were arrested and charged with multiple felonies, according to The Gainesville Sun. The paper reported that Dinkla was charged with two felonies for robbery and resisting an officer with violence, while Taylor received felony charges for aggravated battery on an officer, resisting an officer with violence as well as a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence.

The video shows a plain-clothes officer approaching Dinkla and immediately identifying himself as a detective. When the officer offers to show his credentials, Dinkla begins to back away. Taylor then places herself in between Dinkla and the officer.

Dinkla begins shouting: “Stop this person, I'm being attacked!”

Another cop in uniform approaches and the two officers take Dinkla to the ground. Taylor tries pulling the plain clothes officer off of Dinkla and hits him with a bullhorn. The officer then takes Taylor to the ground and begins to detain her.

While he is being arrested, Dinkla shouts at onlookers standing nearby, yelling: “You fools! Get involved! Bystander effect!”

The incident can be seen in the video below:

The pro-life demonstration was led by Created Equal, a group founded in 2011 whose stated mission is to “end the killing of babies and establish human equality.”


Crime data revealed that attacks against pro-life groups have been 22 times higher than the number of attacks against pro-choice organizations, according to a Fox News report in November.

"The overwhelming narrative in the media is the claim those on the right are responsible for most of the politically motivated violence in the U.S,” John Lott, the founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, told the outlet.

“It has been a theme in the news media after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision was leaked, with many claiming that there was disproportionate violence against pro-choice providers. But a review of cases shows over 22 times more violence against pro-life advocates.”