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WATCH: Sheriff's Deputy Makes New Mom Laugh as He Delivers Her Baby on Side of Road

Bodycam footage shows a Florida sheriff’s deputy delivering a baby girl in a car on the side of State Road 60 near Tampa.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA — On Sunday, Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff Daniel “Red” Jones delivered a healthy baby girl on the shoulder of Highway 60 near Plant City, about 25 miles northeast of Tampa.

“A driver approached Master Deputy Daniel ‘Red’ Jones in a panic,” the sheriff’s office reported. The driver said his pregnant wife was about to give birth. Without hesitation, Deputy Jones sprang into action to assist the mother as she delivered her baby on the side of the road.

“He provided constant encouragement and emotional support and utilized his training to ensure a safe delivery,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a press release. “Within minutes, a beautiful, healthy baby girl was born.”


Bodycam footage shows the baby arriving as the mom lay uncomfortably across the front seat of the couple’s vehicle. Jones is seen holding the mother’s hand and asking questions about her pregnancy and the frequency of her contractions.

“Is this your first baby?” Jones asks before learning it’s their sixth child. “Six? Ya’ll need a better hobby.” The couple laughed in a momentary distraction that ended quickly when a crying baby emerged.

“I got a baby!” Jones says. “A pretty little girl… That’s a beautiful sound.” Hillsborough Fire & Rescue arrived shortly after the baby’s arrival and took the newborn to a hospital for evaluation.

The deputy bid the couple farewell and suggested they consider naming the little girl “Red.” This wasn’t the first time Jones – a Deputy Sheriff with Hillsborough County since 2001 – delivered a baby.

“This is his third time assisting a citizen with delivering a baby!” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “While delivering in the front seat of a car was not the original birth plan, Master Deputy Jones reassured the mother of six that she was in good hands. I wish mom, dad, and their new baby girl all the joy and happiness.”