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We Have All Been Guilty of Being “Listless Vessels”

Our future depends on our ability to put the truth before anything or anyone else – before Trump, before DeSantis and before loyalty to any party or group, writes Will Witt, Editor in Chief of The Florida Standard.

Politics in its current American state is not a means of electing leaders and enacting policy that will benefit the American people; no, politics is a business, and the currency of this enterprise is not just money, but you – your individuality, your allegiance. This transaction is completed when you have become, as Ron DeSantis would say, a “listless vessel” – adrift without control of your own rudder.

Politics is the business of creating listless vessels. The business of turning people into followers. The business of collective obedience to sell you an idea that your candidate, party, and group are infallible and must be followed.

Despite DeSantis’ comments being made about Trump-supporting congressmen, what he said runs deeper than just that. Whether you are a Trump supporter, a DeSantis fan, a Biden follower or a Vivek voter – we all have fallen victim to the groupthink of politics.

Once you have become this vessel, you are able to be molded and led like a puppet to the bidding of the one pulling the strings. Being a member of that group is paramount to most, and individuality ceases to be a concern.

Ron DeSantis was exactly right in his comments, and American politics has become an avenue where people find groups to latch on to without taking what is true into account, but merely whatever the group is supposed to think.

If you are a hardcore Trump supporter and won’t even think of voting for anyone else, you should still be able to see that DeSantis has had strong conservative wins in Florida.

If you are the biggest DeSantis fan in the world and love him as the savior of this country, you should still be able to acknowledge that Trump got him his big break and kickstarted the real “America First” movement in this country, and without him none of what we do would be possible.

If you hate RFK Jr. for his stances on abortion and climate change, you should still be able to acknowledge that his outspokenness on COVID and the vaccines was spot on.

If you are a die-hard Republican, there is still room to look at the history of the Democratic Party and acknowledge there have been some good people there, and some bad ones in our own party.

As soon as we lose sight of the truth and only look at a person or a group or an ideology, we start to realize that we are only being led – not lifted up to achieve or think clearly or individually.

This war among Republicans is tearing our country apart. I have liked DeSantis for his hardline conservative stances in the state of Florida. I have liked Trump for his bravery and his commitment to the common man. Both I see good in. Both I see faults in. And that should be okay.

What we should be looking for is the right answer, not necessarily the Trump answer or the DeSantis answer. Or even the Republican answer. The truth we are looking for could be in one of those categories, but it is not the end all be all, and the real truth must be looked at independently and backed up by the only objective truth from God.

If we start putting the truth first and ideology second, we have a chance of healing the divide within our party and within ourselves. With the truth first, we can finally put an end to all our mistakes that we have made as “listless vessels” on a treacherous ocean of manipulation, greed and exploitation of our emotions.