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I am obsessed with the truth. For the past six years working in conservative media and politics, my greatest concern has always been to find out what’s true and what’s false and sharing it with the world. I’ve never measured my accomplishments by the number of views, likes or revenue. I was always the happiest and most fulfilled when I published a video, gave a speech or wrote an article that had the power and veracity to influence people and change their way of thinking.

What we hope to do with The Florida Standard is exactly that: Report the news and create content that’s defined by the search for truth. We will provide the people of Florida and America with a source they can trust and rely on.

The American people are sick of the mainstream media’s lies. They’re tired of political games on both sides of the aisle. They’re worn out on clickbait content that adds nothing of value to their lives. What the people of this country need is a journalistic revival.

At one point in time, the media used to work for the people to report and hold accountable the elite’s influence, lies, and manipulation. The fundamental mission of the press was to provide checks and balances on those in power. But the media landscape of today is nothing more than the corrupt propaganda wing of the ruling class, with no real objectives other than satiating their own avarice with easy clicks and the relentless push for a radical, anti-American agenda.

We at The Florida Standard are here to change that. We believe in the separation of news and opinion. We believe in the values this country was founded upon; not utopian dreams driven by Marxist academics. We believe in a Florida media landscape that works for the people, not for the established elite.

Above all else, we believe in truth over lies, and we will be here every day exemplifying just that. Whether it’s in our daily email updates, our breaking news texts, or anything else we do, our commitment will never be to a political party or hidden agendas. Our commitment is to you, the American people, and to the truth.

God willing, we can change the media and journalism landscape in Florida forever. With integrity, facts, and a backbone of steel, I know we can do it.
Thank you everyone, and welcome to The Florida Standard.

-Will Witt, Editor in Chief