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“What’s Been Happening in the Hospitals Is Genocide”

Doctors and lawyers are working together to bring charges against hospitals for intentionally killing and injuring patients under government-mandated COVID measures.

The Florida Standard presents the final feature in our four-part series The Death Protocol.

TUCSON, ARIZONA — Over the past three weeks, The Florida Standard has been publishing a series of articles under the theme “The Death Protocol.” In these stories, readers have given shocking accounts of how they lost their loved ones in places where they should have been safe – in hospitals. Instead, these relatives state that medical staff intentionally mistreated and murdered their family members.

After publication, we have received hundreds of comments from readers that similar things have happened to their loved ones. For this reason, The Florida Standard reached out to legal and medical experts to help explain what is happening to healthcare, and why so many lives are lost where they should be saved and protected.


“What’s been happening in the hospitals is genocide,” says Dr. Lee Vliet, founder of Truth for Health Foundation – a nonprofit organization dedicated to fight the COVID-19 agenda and provide legal help for victims and their families.

“All of this is incentivized by the federal government, which is paying hospitals to carry out certain treatment protocols that result in a high rate of patient deaths. What we have called the COVID death protocol,” Dr. Vliet explains.

These protocols include the widespread use of ventilators and dangerous pharmaceuticals, such as remdesivir, a medication intended to treat Ebola but which ended up causing the death of nearly 54 percent of patients participating in a medical trial.

The Florida Standard recently wrote about a man who was put on 35 different medications, including potent opioids such as fentanyl, oxycodone, plus the strong sedatives midazolam and propofol – all of which suppress the respiratory system.

“We have evidence from whistleblowers that the hospitals are using euthanizing doses of pharmaceuticals against the weak and the elderly,” Dr. Vliet says.


According to Dr. Vliet, the hospitals are incentivized by money. She says that they have been paid enormous sums by the government for treating patients with dangerous and often deadly protocols.

The Truth for Health Foundation put together a team to assist doctors, nurses, and lawyers to help patients who were trapped in the hospitals. In some cases, they were successful, but the scope and magnitude of these crimes are remarkably extensive, according to Dr. Vliet.

“Patients were denied their constitutional and legal rights to have an advocate. Families were denied access. Even lawyers were denied access,” Dr Vliet says. “And the hospitals have had immunity because of the CARES Act.”

Besides federal law, individual states have also enacted separate legislation protecting hospitals from legal recourse. But recent developments in Florida have led Dr. Vliet to feel more hopeful: According to sources close to Governor Ron DeSantis, the state law which protects medical providers from liability is set to expire in June and will not be renewed – opening up the possibility for families to take legal action.


Attorney Warner Mendenhall works with Truth for Health Foundation in filing wrongful death cases against hospitals and taking them to court. He agrees with Dr. Vliet that employees with an ethical mindset have intentionally been purged from the medical system.  

“Now, they didn't come out in public and protest, and I think they maybe should have. There's a duty there, too, but they weren't going to go along with it, and they chose to retire instead,” Mendenhall explains.

The work of the Truth for Health Foundation is focused on finding ways around these protections from liability. Since the hospitals have taken money for using unnecessary and medically unsound practices, Mendenhall says that one legal avenue to get some form of justice for victims’ families is to sue the hospitals for fraud.

“We need the whistleblowers from the inside to come forward and talk to us about the statistics and the behaviors in their hospitals, and at that point, then we can take them to court on a fraud charge against the American people. I think that is a very, very powerful tool for us to undo the madness that has occurred and hold them to account,” Mendenhall explains.

Mendenhall is a civil attorney, but in the end, he thinks that criminal cases against the hospitals must be brought.

“If you have the medical record, and you realize that the combination of drugs was deadly and not indicated – then you have a potential homicide. And I know people who are working on this,” he says.


Warner Mendenhall says that he wants more attorneys to take a look at hospital death cases.

“We are seeing really egregious violations of the standard of care. We're seeing insulin being given to people that aren't diabetic. Why are they doing that? We see fentanyl… You can see this over and over and over again in all these cases, clearly suppressing breathing, clearly disabling the patient,” Mendenhall says.

Nicole Landers is a whistleblower nurse who now works for Truth for Health Foundation. As a patient advocate, she has helped countless families get their loved ones out of the COVID isolation wards. She agrees with Mendenhall.

“These are systematic violations of the four pillars of medical ethics: beneficence, non-malfeasance, justice and autonomy. And this is the structure that all of us were trained into for moral and ethical decision making and the implementation of the art and science of medicine,” Nicole Landers says.

“What I have seen is failure to draw appropriate labs, failure to administer care based on those labs, failure to administer antibiotics – coupled with taking away food and fluids and basic human contact,” Landers explains.


But how have doctors and nurses been able to go along with such heinous acts, completely contrary to the Hippocratic Oath?

“The attitudes of doctors and nurses towards patients have actually been quite chilling in the cruelty and the abusive language that we have personally overheard,” Dr. Vliet says, adding that the vaccine mandate also pushed out employees with an ethical mindset and the capacity for critical thinking.

According to Dr. Vliet, what has happened in the hospitals is a manifestation of how people are submitting to and participating in evil. And this is not the first time in human history.

“How else do we account for the doctors who complied with the directives from the Nazis to experiment in cruel ways on human beings?”

To report vaccine injury to the Truth for Health Foundation’s database, please click here.

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