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What’s DeSantis’ Secret Weapon?

According to the Florida governor, his two biggest assets will propel him to the White House: his inspiring wife and his energy to get things done.

SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE — This week, Ron DeSantis pledged to take on Washington and focus on issues that affect everyday Americans.

“As president, I pledge to be an energetic executive that will take on all the big issues that we face head-on and won’t look back,” DeSantis told early state voters.

In contrast, DeSantis took an opportunity to taunt Joe Biden when he mentioned that he hopes the president will have a “swift recovery from any injuries he may have sustained, but we also wish the United States of America a swift recovery from the injuries sustained because of Joe Biden and his policies.”


But in an apparent shift in strategy, DeSantis is now featuring his wife Casey – well known as his most influential political advisor – in his speeches along with anecdotes about their personal life raising three kids in the governor’s mansion.

Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis stirred audiences to laughter in Iowa and New Hampshire this week, sharing endearing stories about Ron DeSantis, their three kids and why her husband is the right man for the job in 2024.

Could this be his secret weapon against Trump? During his re-election campaign in Florida, DeSantis told supporters that he travels almost everywhere with his family; keeping them close by as a source of inspiration and comfort.

But Casey and the kids were largely in the shadows during political events until the governor’s inauguration earlier this year. Will this approach of integrating a more intimate look into DeSantis’ personal life appeal to a broader audience?


One thing is for certain: Interest in Ron and Casey DeSantis has been growing. America is now beginning to see a family that’s overcome great odds such as Casey DeSantis’ breast cancer diagnosis in 2021 and the tragic death of Ron DeSantis’ younger sister Christina in 2015.

“Clearly, that is an opening for us with evangelicals,” a source familiar with DeSantis’ political strategy told NBC News. “It’s authentic. You can’t fake your family. You can’t fake your commitment to your children and your wife. Once they see it’s authentic, that’s definitely a contrast.”