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Who Are the People Working On DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign?

The Florida Standard has confirmed key members of Ron DeSantis’ campaign team.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — The Great American Comeback is underway and The Florida Standard has confirmed key members of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign staff.

Donations are rolling in, both online and through a two-day fundraising push at Miami’s Four Seasons hotel. Advisors close to the governor expect poll margins to shift in the next few weeks as DeSantis goes on the offensive against Trump.

Last night, in a briefing for select media, DeSantis told The Florida Standard that he’s not concerned with the polls at this stage. Instead, the governor said he is confident that Americans want to see a candidate who can lead on important issues and bring the U.S. back from its declining state.

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Generra Peck, known for her political savvy, will lead the team as campaign manager. Peck has remained close to DeSantis and his wife Casey, guiding the governor to a 20-point re-election win over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

David Abrams, who worked on former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign and was more recently communications director for New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, will lead key messaging and paid media initiatives.

Dustin Carmack, former chief of staff for Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe under the Trump administration – and DeSantis’ former congressional chief of staff – also jumped on board. Carmack left his position with the Heritage Foundation to join the campaign as policy director.

Senior campaign advisors include Florida pollster Ryan Tyson, a longtime influential member of the governor’s inner circle, and Jason Johnson, who previously served as an advisor to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Johnson also advised Senator Ted Cruz during his congressional and presidential campaigns.

Bryan Griffin, who served as press secretary for the governor’s executive office, has moved to the campaign side as press secretary.

Lauren Lofstrom, who handled Cruz’s 2016 campaign finances, joins the team to oversee campaign finance matters.

Carl Seusa, the brains behind the WinRed digital fundraising platform, serves as the chief technology officer.