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Woke, Not Awake: Radical School Board Member Disrespects Parents by Dozing Off in Meeting

Hillsborough County’s Jessica Vaughn appeared uninterested as parents shared sexually explicit material the district makes available to young school children. Her social media history helps explain why.

TAMPA, FLORIDA — An elected official tasked with protecting children appeared to doze off while parents brought examples of pornographic books available to young students at various public schools in Hillsborough County.

Jessica Vaughn, a school board member who represents District 3, seemed disinterested and checked out, according to those in attendance.

“We think she actually fell asleep,” one parent told The Florida Standard about Vaughn. “She looked down almost the entire time.”

Several speakers vocalized their frustration with the board and superintendent’s lack of visible concern or alarm at what was being shared.

“I look up at all of you and I see no reaction. I’m flabbergasted,” Jennifer Flebotte, a single mother of three boys in Hillsborough County schools said during her remarks. “I would be sitting in your spot, devastated. My face would drop.”

Vaughn’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Vaughn has not shied away from expressing her political views on social media.

On February 22, she reacted to a list of school board members in different Florida counties that Governor Ron DeSantis hopes to see voted out in 2024. Five days later, she accused the governor of being a “fascist” threatened by “black history” and “literature,” among other things.

On March 6 – in what appeared to be a response to The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles call for eradicating the transgender ideology – Vaughn compared the idea to Nazi Germany. She also called the current legislative session “one terrifying display of hate, fascism, classism, racism, nationalism, censorship… and a vulgar abuse of power.”