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“You Are The Fourth Reich!”: Woke Activists Enraged Over School Pronoun Bill

Despite furious outcries from “woke” activists, a bill that would limit classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation has passed the House Appropriations Committee on Education.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — HB 1223 eventually made it through the House committee after a three-hour long debate and testimony from Democrat lawmakers and activists who violently shouted at representatives.

“If you’re going to use fascist talking points, be ready to be called a fascist!” yelled an activist from pro-LGBT group Equality Florida.

She was followed by a fellow Equality Florida member who exclaimed: “You are the Fourth Reich and we are the resistance!”

Other activists rolled their eyes, cried and even screamed from the back of the room as the meeting progressed.

A mother with a trans-identifying child exclaimed that the bill in fact is “racist and Christian-centric.”

Another LGBTQ member of the audience even went so far as to bring up cosmetic surgeries done to intersex infants.

“Let’s not act like anyone entered this room unaware that this was nothing but a culture war, designed to get someone elected,” a member of Equality Florida shouted before testimony was drawn to a close.